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    personal java and j2me

    which phones support personal java and which support j2me?
    I know now that the nokia 3410 supports j2me but there must be many personal java phones as there is a whole section on it in this forum.

    Is there any specification that gives these details, if not, then how do you guys know without buying the phone?

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    RE: personal java and j2me

    Hello David,

    Personal Java section is for supporting Java development for Nokia Communicator 9200 (Series 80) phones. Nokia Communicator 9210 was first Nokia phone to support Java applications.

    Only Nokia Communicator 9200 series phone/PDAs (9210, 9290 and 9210i) have Personal Java, which is library-wise nearly as complete as J2SE. All the other Nokia Java phones have J2ME due to the limited amount of memory (few hundred KB) and processing power in them. You can even download a MIDP implementation for Communicator.

    All relevant information is available either from product pages for consumers at http://www.nokia.com/phones, http://www.nokia.com/java/products.html and http://www.nokiausa.com/communicator/ or for developers Forum Nokia -> Java Technology -> Java Phones pages.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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