I am developping communication software on Nokia 9210(9290) under Win2000 PC.

I use "PC suit for Nokia" and Win2000 Explorer for looking files on the device. The device is connected by serial cable.

When I contitue to switch between PC suit connection and daialup ISP
phone connection, after some period I could not see the device files from Win2000 Explorer. If it heppens, I have to reboot Win2000 each time. Useally I have to reboot the PC every 1 hour.

PC suite icons "Connected" on right bottom. But PC suits
icon on right of task bar shows connection cable, not 2 devices.

I tried to reboot the device (Shift + Ctrl + Chr + "K"). Reconnect the serial cable. Restart Win2000 Explorer. It does not work.

Do you know better solution than rebooting Win2000 ?

Toru Ishihara