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    Nokia 30 - Reading SMS with AT commands

    I have just received a Nokia 30 a few days ago and have spent a little time trying to read SMS messages from a SIM card in the device, with little success. I have had no previous experience with AT commands and am struggling to understand exactly how to do what I want to do.

    I only need to build a program to read SMS messages as they arrive on the SIM. I need to read the message, move it into the database and delete it from the SIM card. I am struggling with the correct AT commands. I have conencted through the Hyperterminal to try to issue the commands successfully.

    Using at+cmgr=1, I was able to read some messages initially (although they were in hex format, but that should not be a problem). However, now when I issue the at+cmgr=1 command I cannot read any messages and I know there are SMS on the SIM. Also, the device flashes red and green to say that there are messages waiting on the SIM, but when I read the messages, it still flashes, and I tried to delete the messages with at+cmgd=1, but the lights still flash to say that there are messages on the SIM.

    Does anyone know what command I should issue to do the simple job which I need to do? I am largely clueless.


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    How are you connecting the phone to the PC? Have you loaded any software? There might be a communication problem. Try searching around for the at commands, I only have knowledge of how to use them with RS232 ie. Modems...


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    I am facing the same problem for receiving a FLASH SMS.

    Did you resolve your problem? How?

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