I have written a J2ME application (a game) for mobile phones. The game works fine on all tested handsets except for the nokia 7650 and 6600 (both are Symbian phones). On these phones the game crashes after a while (It seems to happen completly randomly after anything from 1 to 20 minutes) with an error: KERN-EXEC 3.

I think i have narrowed it down to be something that happens during calls to the Graphics.drawImage method. When i run the game without refreshing the screen in NEVER crashes (but it's not much fun with a blank screen). I also tried writing a test-program that does nothing but paint images at random locations on the screen. This program ALSO crashes after af while.

I think this must be a Symbian related problem? Maybe a problem in Symbians implementation of J2ME. Has anyone seen a problem like this before?

Does anyone know what can be done about it? is there any way to circumvent it ?