After using the 3300 for a year with a 256Mb MMC card - primarily for playing .AAC files. The 3300 had a number of problems - Music Player would only recognise 99 tracks, occasional software problems caused reset of phone. Loading files via the USB cable was just drag and drop and very fast, track details - artist and track name displayed OK.

On the 6230 with the same MMC card - Using PC Suite means transfer of tracks is probably 10 times+ slower and I get Phone Full messages when there is still 50mb or more unused on the card. In Music Player Track name and artist are not displayed, no software crashes yet, and not yet able to see if 100+ tracks supported because of the loading problems. Sound quality appears to be better and the 6230 is a more 'normal' phone.

Am I doing something wrong. I find it hard to believe that a newer phone is introduced that downgrades the performance and usability of a previous model.