I want to receive wap push (SI) messages SILENTLY in my application.

I've looked into the following approaches:

(1) On a 6630 using the CMmsClientMtm I can get notified of wap push messages arriving in the inbox. I can retrieve the wap push url. However This approach is not silent - the phone makes a sound on wap push arrival and throws up a "new message" dialog.

(2) Reading SMS messages from a socket. I can use this approach to read SMS text messages. BUT not wap push messages. These arrive in the inbox and my application does not get notified. (see "http://www.symbian.com/developer/development/ syslibs.html" - "Easy API for sending and receiving SMS datagrams". for info on doing this)

(3) I've tried the CWapBoundCLPushService class. If I use the standard port number for WAP push (i.e. 2948), then the Connect method does not return, presumably because there is already some software on the phone listening on this port. I need to be able to read messages sent to the standard port.

Please help...