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    I need Help, just starting out. Thanks

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer -probably the most common Question asked here-.

    I am currently using .Net's c# to develop applications and web apps.
    I rate my self to be good in C++, but only concole applications, in other words, using MFCs...etc i dunno nothin about.

    My question to you all, is how on earth can i start developing apps for mobiles?
    Lets say i target Nokia phones, or the 60 and 40 series.

    what tools do i need? is my knowledge enough?
    Do i need to pay more money for those tools?
    I am a student and I am working on an idea for
    graduation project. So you see my case :)

    Thanks for the help,

    Fadi .K

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    For S40 you can program in Java MIDP, for S60 in Java MIDP and C++ (you of course don't need any MFC, but just pure C++ with some Symbian specific "enhancements" changes (like differente exception handling system, different working with strings, etc...)
    For more information please look through documents and SDKs on this page:

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