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    SocketServer panics with Des16Align after complete HTTP transaction

    I am confused. I've used the HTTPExampleClient code as a basis for my own HTTP client implementation. The code I've got succesfully makes a connection to an HTTP server, sends the URL and receives the response, handling all the events in sequence (Response Headers, Response Body, Response Complete, Succeeded). After the transaction is completed, I get the following error:

    Thread panic Des16Align 14
    Panicked thread: SocketServer (id 28)

    I am using the 2.0 version of the Series 60 SDK, running on the emulator, using VC6 on Windows.

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    hi d_wasser

    I am receiving exactly the same error as you did. Please read

    Did you find a solution to the problem? This thing has been a pain for long. Please help.

    Thanx in advance

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