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Thread: RNif class

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    RNif class

    What exactly is RNif class for? Which connection it monitors? (Actuall GPRS/CSD/RAS connection if any?) Iam connecting via GPRS and I dont use this class, but I am not sure if I handle all cases, so may be I need this class, but I just dont know it. Also I dont understand DisableTimers() method. Which timers are disabled? Also using Start() method which parametrs are used to start a connection?

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    RNif is basically an class object that can access NifMan (the network interface manager). This stuff is in here to help / coordinate and manage network interfaces. You might want to check this in a book called "Symbian OS - Communication programming". It is somewhere in section related to TCP/IP and sockets...

    Parameters for Start() method can be found in SDK in include/nifman.h

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