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    Suite for Nokia 6600 failing all the time

    I have tried everything to connect my phone to the PC using both Bluetooth and Infra-Red via the Nokia 6600 Suite without success.
    I seem unable to obtain help from Nokia either by phone or e-mail so could someone please assist me on here.
    I can connect my Bluetooth to my phone through the 'Smart' Bluetooth programe although it is only basic, so that seems to be working fine. However as with the Infra-Red connection all the options in the suite are greyed out and it cannot make any connection at all despite following all the instructions given.
    I have even uninstalled and re-installed the suite and the Bluetooth.
    Thanks in eager anticipation of your kind assistance.

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    Hi, I had all this problem b4. Pls try to get the latest version of PC Suite for 6600 v1.1.0. It helps. I have no problem when I transfer files to my memory card thru Infrared but I have problem when I try to download picture from my 6600. It getting disconnect after 1-2 picture downloaded.

    Anybody have this problem???

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