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    What bluetooth hardware is supported by the emulator

    I have edited the bt.esk file as required

    e.g. in bt.esk
    Under the [hci] section, change the port value to one number lower than what your bluetooth card is installed in Windows. For example, if your Bluetooth card was installed as COM6, enter 5 in the port field, that is port= 5.

    But...... the bluetooth emulator doesn't work with an ACER bluetooth dongle. When I use RNotifier::StartNotifierAndGetResponse() I get err = -1 from the TRequestStatus. I think my code is OK because it all works fine on the target device and I receive bt gps info as I would expect. My code will become more complex so it would be nice to use the emulator.

    Is there a list of specific supported hardware ?
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    u need to have any programmable bluetooth card .

    nokia dilogic card will do for u but i think its not available in the market. so u can go for any other for example there is one form 3comm idont remember the name.

    u can try with it.

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    can I use USB Bluetooth adapter ?

    bt.esk assume that I use bluetooth card connected to COM port. What port number I must use if I use USB BT Adapter ?



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