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    Series 60 1.x & 2.x compatible binary?


    We'd like to create a single .sis file that contains code for both Series 60 1.x and 2.x, and takes advantage of the best HTTP connection and IAP controls available on both. For 2.x this means using the RConnection class, and linking against http.lib, which doesn't exist under 1.x.

    What's the best way to do this? We have a factory class that provides either the Series60_1x implmentation of our network code or the Series60_2x implementation depending on which platform the code is running on. We determine this using

    HAL::Get(HALData::EMachineUid, productUID);

    However, what we find is that when the application is launched on a Series 60 1.x device (3650), it immediately exits with a system error. The factory class is not yet run. It appears that because the application is linked against the Series 60 2.x libraries, it simply will not run on a 1.x device.

    Should we create two separate .sis files, one for 1.x and one for 2.x, combine them into one master .sis file, and install the proper one depending on which plaform we're installing onto? How can we reliably determine that at install time?

    Thanks in advance for your help...

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    it exits, simple because application loads the required libraries in start-up, so the library for HTTP is missing and causes propably -1 error.

    You could distribute application in one SIS, but you need to compile two different app files. Ot you could try getting the SDK 1.2
    version working on also with 7.0s phones, then you would only need one version of the app file as well.


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    You could do this in your .pkg file

    if exists("z:\system\install\Series60v2.0.sis")
    // Series 60 DP2 code
    // Series 60 DP1 code


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