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    APP with no initial UI.

    So when I run my app I immediately hide it and remove it from the task list. Unfortunately the blank app window still comes up with the app title and icon at the top for a brief second.

    Is there a way to not bring up this initial window. I only want to show UI when I receive a certain event.

    Thanks in advance!

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    you could make your application as an exe app and use direct screen access from it to make the UI when needed.

    Othervise, my app at least goes nicely in the background, when I have hidden aif and document class handles the task list and I use setordinal position to move it to background just after constrcting the container.

    You could also try Set the Visibility to EFalse in you container when constructing it etc... plenty of ways. Thou I think the exe is only working solution for some future models (in case they work just as the prototypes does currently)


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