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    'Is "remember passwords" option for WAP sites available in 6230

    We have a WAP access to Exchange 2003 mailboxes (Outlook Mobile Access) implemented in the office. When entering the WAP site users are asked for username/password. My SE T630 remembers the credentials and automatically enters them the next time the site is accessed. My boss has 6230 and it keeps asking for username and password every time he tries to access his mailbox. My question is: does Nokia 6230 have a remember passwords option for WAP sites as SonyErecsson does? If yes, where is it in the menu? Is there any other way to enter user credentials automatically?



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    I think that there is not that kind of functionality for the safety reasons. If you lose you phone or it's stolen any criminals and crooks can access you services.

    For creditcard information and other that kind of stuff there is a wallet application.


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