There have a been a lot of questions about Polyphonic Ring Tones.

In August I'll be teaching seminars in London and Helsinki on this topic. The latest Nokia phones that support SP-MIDI tones(3510,7210,7650 etc) use a technology called the Beatnik Audio Engine. I co-founded Beatnik and worked closely with Nokia on the new handsets and on the SP-MIDI specification. I also programmed some of the tones that ship on these devices, so I have quite a lot of insight into special techniques for making polyphonic tones.

In the right hands they can sound much, much better than the old SMS tones. This could rapidly become a new artform AND a huge business opportunity. So if you're a MIDI composer, mobile application developer or ring tone vendor who would be interested, please come down to my seminar! The details are below.

Best, Thomas

Thomas Dolby's Polyphonic Ringtone composition workshops:
August 16th 2002--SAS Radisson Royal, Helsinki, Finland
August 20th and 21st 2002--Soho House, London, UK

More info and online booking form: