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    CMdaAudioRecorderUtility Problem with Symbian OS 6.1 (N-Gage/3650)

    I am working on Symbian Platform 6.1. I am using Symbian C++ APIs both for CodeWarrior(Series 60 SDK 1.2 for Symbian OS,

    supporting Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Symbian OS) and Nokia(Series 60 1.2 SDK for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition) on different

    PCs. APIs available at:


    Below given problem is same with both APIs.

    I am trying to run my application on different devices i.e. N-Gage/3650/6600. Below given code is giving unexpected results.
    If I make a call to below given code with in the constructor just after creating an object for CMdaAudioRecorderUtility.
    It compiles and linked well and works fine on all devices.
    But if I create just an object for CMdaAudioRecorderUtility in constructor and write below given code in a public function

    and make a call for that function from somewhere else it give unexpected result. Code get Compiled and linked cleanly with NO

    ERROR. If I run my application over Nokia 6600 it works fine but if I run it over Nokia N-GAge/3650 while executing below

    code application closes.


    #ifdef __WINS__
    // on emulator, the sound files used by application are deployed onto c: drive
    TParse parse;
    // on real phone, application can be installed to the memory card (non-"C:" drive),
    // this part of code evaluates current application path:
    CEikonEnv& ee = *CEikonEnv::Static(); // find the instance of EikonEnv
    CEikAppUi& ea = *(ee.EikAppUi()); // derive the instance of EikonAppUi

    TFileName tAppFullName = ea.Application()->AppFullName(); // fetch the application full filename

    TParse parse;
    parse.Set(tAppFullName, NULL, NULL); // form parse object containing full app name
    TFileName tFullPath = parse.DriveAndPath(); // get application path with drive letter

    parse.Set(tFullPath, &aFileName, NULL); // use tparse to get the full path to sound file

    //parse.Set(aFileName,NULL, NULL); // use tparse to get the full path to sound file

    TFileName tFullFileName = parse.FullName();

    // Open an existing sample file for playback or recording,
    // causes MMdaObjectStateChangeObserver::MoscoStateChangeEvent to be called


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    you have to use SDK that is designed for Symbian OS 6.1 phone, when developing applications for 3X60, or N-Gage. So instead of using SDK 2.1, try using SDK 1.2.


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    I am using 1.2 APIs . This problem is with 1.2 APIs only.

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