We have a new app named CallFlash which allows voice messaging from Symbian phones to other mobiles and landlines. This app is fully protected by international patents written researched and submitted by Marks and Clerk who are Europe's formost patent agent. Having completed developement and ported CF to several Symbian phones we are now engaged in developing a new range of apps which bridge mobile and internet use and in which we have already invested heavily via patents and research. Because CallFlash represents a full scale business in its own right with feasible potential to run on millions of phones and offer unique exclusive voice messaging to Symbian users pending full MMS penetration (some years yet) we are considering outsourcing further porting and development of CallFlash so as to release our resources to concentrate on our new apps. This idea is provisional but we would like to hear from any co's who may be interested in this role (terms are open to discussion). If you are an established Symbian Development business with substantial experience and resources interested in capitalising on a ready made success please email us at 'trafficisland@btinternet.com'. Further info on CallFlash plus trial downloads can be found at www.callflash.com