We have some issues regarding the memory of Nokia 6820 phone.

We have a networking application which runs stable on Nokia 6200 but it keeps crashing on 6820 after making about 15 to 20 server calls. The application is a client/server app. The user makes requests from the phone(client), the phone will display a wait canvas, meantime, it will start a thread to make http connection with the server. The client make server call using HTTP POST method to retrieve data (about 10K size) from server and send back to the device. The information (images or texts) then will be displayed to the phone screen and then data (resources) will be released. We make sure before start another thread (HTTP connection), we wait till the first thread die. So we eliminate the possibility of many threads holding the memory at the same time. However, after several of these server calls, the application still crashed.

We trace the free memory of the run time. The memory randomly goes up and down, sometimes it goes really high -- More than 100K (When application start up) and sometimes really low -- say about 1K or 2K. We guess something drain the memory down and crashed the application. But the strange thing is: the same application works fine (never crashed) on 6200 which has lower heap size 200K (6820's heap is 230K) The same app worked fine on Nokia 6225 (Sprint device) also. These two devices are using the same Nokia series 40s platform. Here come up the question: is there any know issues for 6820 regarding the memory or http connection? is there any new version of the device's software? If so, where can we flush our phone? We couldn’t figure out where to look for the current version.

Any input will be appreciated.