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    After building Sip Example apl. i didn't see it in emulator...

    After building warship in version sip plag-in 1.0 and Chipflip aplications in Sip plag-in 2 i didn't see it in emulator...Is it problem with path varaible?or this is the other problem?

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    Where can I find Chipfli

    I'm looking ChipFlip application,
    Where did you find it?


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    What Series_SDK do you have instaled?
    What SIP_PLugIn do you have?
    What IDE do you use?

    I use:
    IDE: COdeWarrior
    Series_SDK: Series60_SDK_2.1 for CodeWarrior
    SIP_PlugIn for COdeWarrior

    Removing all and restart with these.

    Follow Series 60 SIP Plug-in User's Guide.pdf and all should work!

    Bye daniellss

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