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    Downloading a photo in my 3220

    When I download by wap a photo in my 3220, the resolution of th e image changes and turns into 118*118 being the original one 128*128. i tried it with another picture 138*138 and happens the same, turns into 118*118.

    I don't know what I can do? Does this phone has a kinda filter about the resolution of images? Can I modify this?

    I haven't tried to pass the photos through cable yet. I haven't got it yet. What can I do with the photos but by wap/gprs, there must be a way. Owners of another types of nokia, does this strange thing happen to your mobile?

    Please answer!!!

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    image resolution reduced on Rogers Wireless

    I have the same problem downloading images to my Nokia 3220 on the Rogers Wireless Network. I download images from a site using Wap push and the original jpeg which is 34kb and 128X128 is reduced to 3.5 kb and 118X118. I don't think it is a display problem, but rather a problem accepting messages of a certain size and resolution, but I cannot find a setting to adjust.

    Strangely this did not happen until the third day of using this phone. It worked properly for the first two days and then this problem emerged. I called tech support to make sure that there were no changes to my account or to the network and they assured me that nothing had happened that could have caused this.

    I went to a retail outlet to test another 3220 and the same problem occurred.

    Unfortunately Rogers Wireless will not help troubleshoot my problem since a third party website is involved and told me that the problem was either the site or the phone. What carrier do you use?

    Have you found a solution to the problem since your original post? If so, I would love to hear about it.

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