I've just got hold of a DLR-3 cable for my Nokia
6210. Have installed the relevant drivers etc and set up a dial-up
connection (ISP is Wanadoo PAYG but I've also tried others that handle 9600bps but with the same problem as outlined below).

The phone dials okay as I can see the number pop up on the phone, but almost immediately I hear three tones repeated a few times - these tones are the ones you normally hear when the wrong number is dialled.

If I dial the number manually (it's 08440564000) then I can hear the usual handshaking attempts going on, so the number itself is fine.

My mobile has an Orange PAYG SIM in it.

I'm puzzled. Can anyone advise please?

Could the problem be down to my Orange PAYG SIM? Maybe it won't handle data calls?