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    Help with VC++ 6.0

    hi all.

    i installed vc++ 6.0 and registered enviromental variables.

    then i installed the nokia sdk.

    put those 2 files in the template directory.

    when i try to make a project called isaias from the wizard, it goes well, but on finalization, it says: "c:\symbian\6.1\epoc32\build\isaias\wins\isaias.dsw

    the specified project could not be inserted into the current workspace. "

    what should i do?

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    Yeah, it happens on some systems. Usually it should be enough to go to YourProject\group directory and write these command to command line:

    bldmake bldfiles
    abld makefile vc6

    it will create workspace in epoc32\build\YourProject\... directory from which you can open it.

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    Hi Extract from SDK Help Hope it is useful to you
    All classes are defined in a single header file. Each class implementation is contained in its own .cpp file.

    From a command prompt, do the following:

    Change to the SDK directory <path>\epoc32ex\HelloWorld.

    Type bldmake bldfiles.

    Type abld makefile vc6.

    This creates the VC++ workspace HelloWorld.dsw in the directory: <path>\epoc32\build\<path>\epoc32ex\HelloWorld\HelloWorld\wins. This file can then be opened in VC++ and built by pressing F7, or by selecting the Build | Build HELLOWORLD.APP from the IDE menu.

    For a command line debug emulator build, change the abld command to:

    Type abld build wins udeb

    The application is now built into the emulator's z:\system\apps\HelloWorld directory, and can be run from the emulator's UI.

    For a command line release build to a real phone, change the abld command to:

    Type abld build armi urel

    The application's files are now built into the <path>\epoc32\release\armi\urel directory, and can be downloaded to a real phone.


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