While connecting the nokia 7610 to my PC, I notice it is recognised as a modem with some COM port assosiated to it.
however, I dont know how to open a serial port through my application on the phone. is it the same as openning serial port in IrDA on other phones (that do support it...)? if so, what module should I load & what is the name of the port to be openned?

here is how I do it on IrDA:


RCommServ iCommServ;
RComm iIrCOMM;
TInt ret = User::LoadPhysicalDevice(PDD_NAME);
ret = User::LoadLogicalDevice(LDD_NAME);
ret = iCommServ.LoadCommModule(KIrCOMM);
ret = iIrCOMM.Open(iCommServ,KIrCOMM0,ECommExclusive);
if (ret!=KErrNone && ret!=KErrAlreadyExists)
iCommServ.Close(); // Open failed

how should I modify this for using serial port using USB with this phone?
if it is not possible to do it this way, how should I do it?

thanks :|