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    How to send a forward locked message (Image files) using MMS on Nokia 6600?


    I am trying to write an application that sends an image file with a particular MIME type by MMS on a NOKIA 6600.

    I want this message to be forward locked.When i send the JPEG image using the Standard MIME Type as "image/jpeg", it works absolutely fine and the message is sent successfully.But when i change the file to be sent to a .dm file and change the MIME Type to "application/vnd.oma.drm.message" then the application crashes and gives the system error(-1).

    I use the NCPT2.1 to publish the .dm file for forward lock.

    Here is the part of the code that i am using:

    TMsvId aNewAttId = KMsvNullIndexEntryId;
    TBufC8<20> content;
    TFileName attachmentFile;
    attachmentFile = KAttachmentFileName;iMmsMtm->CreateAttachment2L(aNewAttId,attachmentFile);

    iMmsMtm->SetAttachmentNameL(aNewAttId, _L("Sammy.dm"));
    content = _L8( "application/vnd.oma.drm.message" );
    iMmsMtm->SetAttachmentTypeL( aNewAttId, content );

    Please tell me if it is the correct way to send a forward locked message?Creating a .dm file

    using NCPT2.1 is correct or do i need to use NMIT or any other tool?

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    The structure of the multimedia message with OMA DRM content is described in the Forum Nokia document 'DRM Developer's Guide for Nokia Devices v2.0'.


    Please see if this is helpful for you. Both, the NMIT and NCPT, can be used to create the .dm file from the original image file.

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