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    Problem with SDK 2.1

    hello friends
    i am a student doing my project on symbian os
    I downloaded series 60 2.1 SDK supporting microsoft Visual Studio 2003 .net .

    I also installed the sdk according to the given instructions.

    But when i want to develop new project for symbian i am not getting symbian application in new project menu of VC++.

    Is there any modifications to be done after insatlling sdk ??

    please help me in this matter

    thanks in advance

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    Yes, you don't get any wizards in S60 SDK 2.1. They did support the wizard once for VC6 (in SDK 1.x). What you can do is to copy Hello World example and modify it.

    Another thing you can do is to download S60 SDK 2.2 and use the new wizard included in this version (called Application Wizard). It is a Java-based application, so you still won't get it integrated in VC++ IDE.


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