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    Sender name for MTM messages?


    I developed test program to put SMS, MMS and E-mail entries into the Inbox for demo purposes. The problem is that they have “To:” caption in the Receiver/Sender field though I need “From:”; if these messages were really received. I use Client side functions CClientMtmRegistry,, CMsvSession, CBaseMtm and CMsvEntry. It seems that using client side API we will always get the entries intended to be sent and we need to use server side API to create “received” entries.

    I don’t find any code examples for server side functions, or maybe I am wrong and there is a way to get “From” caption using just Client side functions?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Arrow Re: Sender name for MTM messages?

    Dear Frnd

    Had u solved ur problem. PLz Reply


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