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    WAP on 7.0s!!!!!!


    For Symbian 6.1 i have used a Wap Stack (RWSPCOConn) to get the data from the Internet...Since i want that the user should be prompted every time to choose the IAP before a request is made, so i have used the CIntConnectionInitiator Class to Terminate and make the connection...

    Same Stuff i want to do for Symbian 7.0 and above, i am using SDK v2.1...But the problem with 7.0 is that the Class CIntConnectionInitiator is deprecated and 7.0 is multihoming.....
    So when i initiate the connection with the help of RConnection class as given in the IAPconnect examople for V2.0, i am not sure the Wap Stack use the same initiated connection, bcoz first time the two IAP Popup list appers...One which i popup using the RConnection class and second i think the WAP Stack (RWSPCOConn)

    Can anyone tell me that how can i associate the Connection Initiated with the RConnection class with the Wap Stack...

    Thanx and Regards...

    Vivek Awasthi

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    RWSPCOConn.Open has a new overloaded variant in 7.0. Look at the header files of RWSPCOConn. You can pass this new variant a RConnection. This should solve your problem.

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