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    problem in getting .sln file

    hello friends

    in symbian sdk 2.1 supporting visual studio .net 2003

    after executing the abld program name vc7

    i am not getting .sln file

    plz help me

    vinayaka karjigi

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    The .sln solution is created on \epoc32\build directory. For example the solution for Hello World example would be "C:\Symbian\7.0s\Series60_v21\Epoc32\BUILD\SYMBIAN\7.0S\SERIES60_V21\SERIES60EX\HELLOWORLDBASIC\GROUP\HELLOWORLDBASIC\WINS".

    Yes, it is definitely a very long path... :(

    Alternatively you can use the following command to generate it in your project directory.

    makmake helloworldbasic.mmp vc7


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