hello friends

here i found some solution for working with symbian 2.1 sdk supporting microsoft visual studio .net 2003.

my first suggestion first go through help file given with symbian 2.1 sdk.

In this help file he explained very neatly step by step how to run programs by command prompt.

Usually u people will be trying to get .sln,or .vcproj file

and it will be giving error in link.exe.

before doing anything first try all steps given in sdk help file.

try the commands given there with visual studio .net 2003 command prompt not with general command prompt.

keep it in mind that not with general command prompt but with visual studio .net 2003 command prompt.

this visual studio .net 2003 command prompt u will get from

start menu/programs/visual studio .net 2003/visual studio .net 2003 tools/visual studio .net 2003 command prompt .

if after trying from this command prompt also u didn't get result,
then try with other solutions mentioned in this or other strings

all the best for all of you

with regards

vinayaka karjigi