Hello, i need some help. I just bought a nokia 6600.. the thing is i have a 8k Simcard of BPL Mobile and my room mate has a 32K Sim of Airtel these are operators of India. The problem is When i Use my Bpl Sim and once i start my mobile the network is full and in another minute the network drops and it doesnt come back.. when i use the Airtel sim... the network shows full and it stays the same... i dont know what is the problem with my phone.. Just that the phone had fallen down which has nothing 2 do with the network problem. Please can any1 help me in this matter. coz i just bought it a week back and am very upset seeing this kind of things happening. I would really appreciate if any1 can solve this problem for me. U can email me at dhruvkesh@hotmail.com . Please once again do help me in this matter