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Thread: 6600 Hang up

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    6600 Hang up

    I have a question about the way the 6600 handles incoming calls.

    I'm trying to stop and start my ingame midi in hide/showNotify.
    However, it seems in the 6600, an incoming call calls hideNotify as expected... then, when you accept or decline the call, showNotify is called IMMEDIATELY. But...

    If I try to start my sound in showNotify, the sound gets corrupted and cannot be played because the conversation is still open
    (nobody hung up yet).

    Then... when I actually do hang up, showNotify is NOT called...
    nothing is.

    Q: What event is triggered (function called) when the
    conversation is terminated(hang up) if it isn't showNotify? OR

    Q: Is there any way to query the system as to the status of the
    call (hung up or not)?

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    All Nokia handsets I've tried do this. You get a showNotify as soon as you accept or reject the call.

    *most* Nokia handsets mute the sound for you (like the 7210 etc).

    Even the 6600 with ringtones mutes the sound when it returns focus to your application while accepting a phone call - perfect. The problem however is when playing MIDI on the 6600 - the phone does not act in the same way as it does with ringtones

    6600 with MIDI music:
    Accept the incoming phone call, game resumes and music is restarted, when the phone call is terminated the music then stops and can never be restarted!!! ARGH!!!!

    The problem we had on the 3650 with ringtones sounds more like your problem with the music restarting on accepting the call - we had to bodge around it by not restarting the music until a key is pressed.

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    Can we pick up an incomig call and hangup


    I have tried to pick the incoming call and hngup which is not working for me on 6600.

    Did u try this before can u help me and share some code


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    Re: 6600 Hang up

    hi i'm experiencing the similiar problem as u stated whenever i receive the call or reject it the sound is muted and then it never gets started....i hope u must hav got some kind of solution to this....

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    Re: 6600 Hang up

    I'm just bumping up this thread. I also am looking for a solution for this. On hideNotify i stop my MIDI player, and after the user comes back to the game, the song won't start anymore. And the game will get very slow as the player seemingly tries to start itself again and again.

    I have seen games where the system works correctly, so there must be a solution.

    I have tried just stopping the player, and i have tried deallocating and reallocating the player too. Neither of the work.

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