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    Infrared problems using GPRS with 6230

    When I try to use a GPRS modem connection with dial-up, using the IR, after 1 minute the IR connection is lost (informed by windows) ant the GPRS comunication drops. I have to switch off and on the mobile, so that I can use the IR again.

    I use Windows XP and the FW of my mobile is V 04.28 de 24-6-04, RH-12, GSM P1.1 (c) NMP. I download the IR driver from nokia site.

    Is there a solution for this problem?



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    6230 GPRS


    I have had the same problem but with bluetooth connection GPRS is cut off after a 30 seconds or 40 seconds,..... it is not stable.

    I have a Soft upgrade to 3.28 and the GPRS problem is gone.

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