hi all,

I've some questions regarding backup and restoration that bacup to other handset of same type (series),

1) Can I restore partial bakcup ? If yes then how ?

2) Can I restore the backup of one Nokia6600 to another Nokia 6600 ?

last week I've restored the backup of one Nokia6600 to another but then it got stucked at startup with message(can't remember exactly) "Startup failed, contact retailer !!" and then I had to format the phone and lost the data .

Now in present situation my friend has lost his Nokia 6600 and has bought new Nokia 6600 and wants his old backup to be restored on new one.

Atleast he needs his contacts back on his new phone. And I manged to find contact file (135.dat) out of entire backup. So friends is there any way around of this problem.

Please guide me. your ideas and helps are highly appreciated.