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    Nokia Activ Server 2.1 in Win2000 with RAS

    Does anybody have the experience of installing NAS in win2000
    and dialing-up to win2000's RAS(Remote Access Server) to connect
    to NAS? I've tried to use Nokia 7110 to dial-up, but it always get
    this message --"no response from server". I could also hear the dialing tone from RAS, but it just couldn't establish a connection.
    What would go wrong during the setup and configuration phase?

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    RE: Nokia Activ Server 2.1 in Win2000 with RAS

    could you check RAS logs? Did phone get IP address from RAS server?
    basically, in NT(w2k) you have to:
    - create a user who's gonna dial-in
    - grant dial-in permission to this user (no call back)
    - modem should be connected to your RAS machine and properly configured (I would suggest to check this before dialing with mobile phone)
    - as you using 7110 to dial-up, set the maximum speed for RAS modem at 9600, and connection settings: 8N1
    - turn OFF error control and flow control for modem (turn on record log file option)
    - RAS should be configured for dial-in connection and TCP/IP use (please use "any authentication including clear text)

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