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    Problem with Nokia 6600 sound quality

    i have an audioengine which records and streams data over gprs network.
    On sending side i have used Cpcamtoamr encoder to encode pcm data and send data . buffer size(320 to 32)
    On recieving side i use Camrtopcmdecoder
    to decode data and play.buffer size(32 to 320)

    On LAN(PC) when sound is played on recieving end quailty is good.
    but on nokia 6600 , the sound is not clear and it is completely distorted.
    what could be the problem??
    please answer.

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    sound chip

    The sound chip in the Nokia 6600 is just horrible its not the speaker but the hardware, the high tones are highly amplified and the bass is very low (or isnt even there) which makes the sound very distorted through the speaker and theres also noise in the background of the sound, its too bad that Nokia didnt put much effort in the sound part of this phone, it just sucks , but the rest of the phone rules :-)

    I dont know much about amplifiers and stuff, but id like to know if its possible to put a very small amplifier in the wire of the headset for better sound with my headset on ?
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