I developed an application in which I register dynamically to the push registry. the application is working perfectly on S40 devices and some motorola devices, but on the S60 (symbian OS) I experience a strange behavior:
If the application is not running (of course after it has already run at least one time and registered), the wakeup SMS will not work!
strange simptoms:
- The SMS that is sent to the registered port (50000 or 8876) is waking up the application ONLY if it has already been started manually and running in the background (the background running is a feature of the S60 which is able to run more than one application simultaniously). in this case, the wakeup SMS cause it to run in the foreground.
- A test application I installed has no problems of wakeup. I have tried to use its port to my application, it didnt work
- After installation and running one time (and shutting down by exit), the wakeup SMS that is sent to the application port is vanished! In general, if the device receives an SMS for a non-registered port, the SMS will show in the inbox. if the SMS is aimed to a registered port, the OS will wake up the application and transfer the SMS to it. in my case, the SMS is vanished unless the application is already running in the background...
Please help, or at least give me some ideas
thanks, Ido