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    Resource compilation

    I have huge difficulties when compiling resources. It seems that path to following files is missing:

    #include <eikon.rh>
    #include "hello.hrh"
    #include "hello.loc"
    #include <avkon.rsg>
    #include <avkon.rh>
    #include <avkon.mbg>

    I have tryed to compile resources using rcomp but with no help. I got the following dump:

    2 stateStack entries
    read L_NAME (259)
    shift 8 (86)
    state 8 (86), char (-1)
    3 stateStack entries
    read L_LABEL (281)
    shift 36 (100)
    state 36 (100), char (-1)
    4 stateStack entries
    Reduce by rule 106 (pop#=2)

    name-statement AWIZ
    Current id 150401024
    goto 19 (168)
    state 19 (168), char (-1)
    3 stateStack entries
    Reduce by rule 7 (pop#=1)
    goto 23 (163)
    state 23 (163), char (-1)
    3 stateStack entries
    Reduce by rule 2 (pop#=2)
    goto 1 (0)
    state 1 (0), char (-1)
    2 stateStack entries
    <empty>(19) : *** Unknown character '#' (value 0x23)
    read L_LABEL (281)
    Reduce by rule 1 (pop#=1)
    goto 2 (1)
    state 2 (1), char L_LABEL (281)
    2 stateStack entries
    Reduce by rule 120 (pop#=0)
    <empty>(19) : Syntax error
    Error recovery pops state 0 (164), uncovers 2 (1)
    RCOMP failed with code 1

    I have C++ Builder 6.0 with SDK 0.9 (another pc is running C++ B 6.0 and Nokia Symbian SDK 2.0 but it has the same problem).

    How I am able to force the SDK to create resources (abld resource... won't help either).

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    I think more information is required here. I also run C++ 6.0 with SDK 0.9 for my Series 60 development (the free download from forum Nokia) and have resource files for menus, strings etc without any problems. Has this started since you added something extra into the resource file?

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    Please reinstall


    I hope your problem will solve.

    Vanakkam /


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    Hi Rama

    I found out what the problem was. It was so simple I feel a bit stupid. I was editing the wrong rss -file (one located in the group-directory) not the one the mmp file was pointing to (data-directory). I don't know why I had two versions in the different locations - probably my mistake also.

    So you really have to read carefully what is there in the mmp file.

    After I found out my mistake I got another error "Unresolved external" when reading a resource id but after adding some libraries in the mmp-file I was able to fix that thing also so I am currently happy with my Symbian application.

    Thank you for your kind help, JP

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