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    application wizard in visual c++ .NET


    how can i add the "series 60 AppWizard 2.x" in my Vc7 project list..

    The documentation says:

    Install the Application Wizard provided with the SDK. The tool and the installation instructions are located in %EPOCROOT%\Series60Tools\ApplicationWizard.

    ...but i haven't the Series60Tools\ApplicationWizard directory in my epoc32 root.

    PS. Excuse my not good english.

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    same problem

    i was having same problem nobody helped me.
    my best suggestion install visual studio 6.0 and sdk 2.0.
    i tried for more than 15 days on this.nobody relied me.
    i think nobody tried on this.

    atleast anybody now give answer to this question.
    how to get application wizard in .net

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    Hello vinayakak!!

    I think to have found a solution to our problem!

    I've downloaded the "Series 60 SDKs for Symbian OS: v 2.2 Beta,Metrowerks (135 Mb)" from this link:

    The installation program provide to add folder in:

    Here there is some interesting matter..

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    I think Forum Nokia has released "Appplication Wizard" in Series 60 SDK 2.2. Just download it the SDK and try it.

    I think you can use it together with Series 60 1.x and it is independent from VC++ versions you have (it is a Java application).


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