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    Memory seems very full (Nokia 6600) ?

    Is there a problem that my phone memory seems quite full with very little saved on it. (It's a new phone this week)

    The phone memory shows:
    441kb Calendar
    19kb Contacts
    0kb Documents
    30kb Messages
    76kb Images
    26kb Sound Files
    0kb Video Clips
    0kb Applications
    3224kb Mem in use*****why is this so high?
    2916kb free

    The MMC card memory
    0kb except
    388kb images
    95kb video clips (although I also have one which is over 1mb?)
    84kb applications
    7193kb Mem in use
    23mb Free

    Is there a prob, or is it normal?

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    this function does never show the right values, and full ? so what, if your out of space get a bigger mmc, that 32 MB thing sucks

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