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    Problems installing Nokia Developer's Suite 1.0 for J2ME

    Just downloaded Nokia Developer's Suite 1.0 for J2ME? including Nokia 6310i MIDP SDK Beta 0.9 from http://forum.nokia.com and when executing "setup.exe" I get stuck at the second window titled "Configurating System".

    When trying to enter both my user name and the given key, both input fields work erratically (they don't refresh properly) and the "Next" button is still dimmed.

    I can't pass that step and continue with the installation.

    Windows XP Pro Spanish
    Intel PIII 873 MHz
    256 MB RAM
    JRE 1.4

    Has anybody had the same problems and resolved them?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Try do reduce the video hardware acceleration...
    it worked for me


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