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    Automatic install through SIS file downloaded over WAP


    I have a question on symbian C++ application installation.
    SIS file is archive file for installation.
    After reading old question and answers on this topic, I found that SIS file can be downloaded through WAP network.

    I think after SIS file is downloaded from a link in some WAP page, WAP browser may store downloaded SIS file in some folder.
    If WAP browser just stores SIS file, should end-user search the SIS file by himself and double click it for activating the install process?
    If this is the case, I think the usability for installation is not convenient in terms of user.

    I want to know if there is some method by which Symbian OS recognizes SIS file downloaded over WAP and perform install process automatically (without user action).

    I will thank you for good answer..

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    When user download the SIS file from browser, there is MIME Type set as application/vnd.symbian.install. Phone knows that file which is downloaded is a symbian installation file and automatically asks that want the user to install the file and so on....


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