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Thread: 7610 Help.....

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    7610 Help.....

    I am using N7610, where today I noticed that I used the Nokia PC Suit to backup my phone memory using bluetooth, but when I restore back the backup files, I noticed that I lost my contact, is full contact, but for messages are fully restore back, may I know the reason for this?

    Another question is does symbian phone support any restart function like Jave phone can restart the phone just press *3370# then can restart already, May I know does symbian support or not...

    pls let me know as soon as possible.

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    PC Suite has backed up and restored contacts for me. When you did the backup, did you select options to back up them, too?

    For future reference, see the latest PC Suite and tutorial on http://www.nokia.com/pcsuite (current one is 6.4).

    Just curious: Why do you want a restart sequence that requires 5 key presses, when you can do it with one key and two presses (power on/off key)?

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