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    Developer platform

    What is it and what does it do ? Whitch one do i need for 7610 and how do i get it ?? This phone is the most complicated thing i have ever used !!!

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    It has the required documentation and the so called SDK (Software Development Kit) for the phone, that programmers can then use to write new applications for the phone ( games, utilities or other pieces of software like those listed, for example, in this catalog here: http://my-symbian.com/7650/applications/index.php )

    If you are not a software programmer nor never intend to learn that trade, you don't need the Developer Platform(s) for anything.

    If are or intend to become one, then you can download one from the http://forum.nokia.com/ downloads. You'd need "Series 60 SDK 2.1 for Symbian OS" for the 7610.

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