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    Getting started... But how to ?


    I wanna go into Symbian programming. I've been wandering through this web site for a while. But I couldn't make a decision about where to start..

    I've dealt with java before and wanted to have a start with Symbian progrramming with Java(I know what J2ME is)

    But there are many sdk's, ide's and tools on the web site which suffice to confuse me about which to choose...
    (For example : 90 Series, 60 Series and so forth)

    Can anyone guide me for this ?

    I'll really appreciate if you give the urls - if any - of the things you mention.

    Thanks in advance

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    Dear Mustafa

    A brief about Symbian Programming.

    Programming done using any language(Java, C++, others) for Symbian Operating system means Smbian Programming.

    Now what u mean is that u want to start with Symbian C++.

    Now what is series 60, 90 UIQ.

    These are just the platforms(UI layers) which sit on SYmbian.
    There are some devices which are Series 60 based , some are series 90 based and some are UIQ based ( leaving others), that means these devices have used the Series 60 or UIQ specifc UI API;s for their GUI ..

    The base is same for all i.e Symbian OS .

    SO these are just the UI layers which u can choose accoding to the device u r targetting .Every UI layer( series 60 , UIQ) has some specific GUI controls and some are COmmon in all the Platforms.

    UI Layers
    Common UIKON
    Series 60 - AVKON

    Now there are lots of IDE's but i presonally prefer Metrowerks. I have not used Borland's C++ BuilderX but heard that it supports Drag n Drop for Series 60.

    U can also check www.Newlc.com

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    check the presentation "What Developers need to KNOW"

    very useful document to start...


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