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    Personal Profile on 9500


    the PersonalJava Forum is almost dead, so i'll try my luck here.

    The new Nokia Communicators 9500 and 9300 will have the J2ME Personal Profile and a lot of other J2ME APIs like Wireless Messaging API (WMAPI) (JSR 120) or Bluetooth API (JSR 82, no OBEX).

    My question: can i make Personal Profile Applications and make use of these APIs for example to send SMS (WMAPI) or transfer files via Bluetooth?

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    You are correct, the new Nokia Communicators have new J2ME CDC/Personal Profile implementations. They have also separate MIDP implementations with support for the APIs you mentioned. However, you can't use these additional APIs in Personal Profile applications. The clear reason to this is, that these two J2ME implementations are totally separated from each other.

    Fortunately there is a solution to this. You can use JNI technology to create native functions for, for example, sending SMS messages. More information can be found here: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/native1.1/. We will also publish more information about JNI technology soon. At the moment you can find more information about this in "The Series 80 Developer Platform 2.0 SDK for Symbian OS for Personal Profile" documentation.

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    Re: Personal Profile on 9500

    Is the answer above still true? Is there still no way to use the Bluetooth API in a Personal Profile application?

    Is the underlying VM not the same (I think IBM J9?) Shouldn't it be
    possible to move some JAR and DLL files from the installation folder of
    the MIDP VM to the installation folder of the PP VM (I have not device
    here right now in order to check this)?

    I hate to use JNI if not absolutely necessary (waste of time ...)

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