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    3650 sim problem

    Would greatly appreciate any help on this matter. Ok the problem is

    I had bought a nokia 3650 in Indonesia. From my understanding it is a Tri-band cell phone.
    Phone worked fine in Indonesia, Australia and even Germany. When I had brought the phone with me it was able to pick, the different frequency’s of the different countries I was using the phone in.

    The problem now is I am studying, in the USA, and now I can’t get the phone to work with my T-mobile service provider. The phone turns on; but hangs when the sim card is inserted.

    Anyone who can help me, many-many thanks

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    In the USA GSM networks use 850MHz or 1900MHz.

    Elsewhere 900MHz or 1800MHz are used.

    Your 3650 suppors 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.

    If the area where you are in the US only has 850MHz coverage, then your phone will not work.

    The "corresponding" USA models are 3600 and 3620

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