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    Visual C++ 6.0 releated question


    How can I launch the emulator from Visual C++ 6.0?
    I have generated a VC++ 6.0 project and workspace file with the following command:

    makmake helloworldbasic.mmp -vc6

    I have managed to compile the project in VC. .obj .sbr and .pdb files has been produced to the corresponding folder. I have tried to execute it from Build/Execute menu. But it has asked for an executable file name (.exe or .com). VC hasn't produced any .exe or .com for me.

    So how can I run the compiled application in an emulator? How can I integrate the execution to the VC6.0++ IDE?

    Does VC or other kind of IDE realy needed for the development? Isn't it possible to compile and to execute the application in an emulator from command line?


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    have you though about reading the SDK documentation about the topic, might just be the ideal source of information...

    for example see the page that says "2. Building for the Symbian OS emulator"


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