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    Series90 CCknOpenFileDialog problem

    I'm trying to use the function CCknOpenFileDialog::RunSelectFileDlgLD(...) in the Series 90 Beta SDK, it compiles ok but the link fails with:

    APPUI.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "private: static int __cdecl CCknOpenFileDialog::NewDialogsRunLD(class TDes16 &,class TDesC16 const &,unsigned int,class TUid,class TDesC16 const &,class MCknDialogObserver *)" (?NewDialogsRunLD@

    The problem seems obvious, RunSelectFileDlgLD is an inline function that maps onto NewDialogsRunLD, however none of the overloads of NewDialogsRunLD are exported so obviously can't be linked to. This appears to make it impossible to use any of the new functions in this class meaning we have to use the depreceated functions RunDlgLD, RunImportDlgLD, RunSourceDlgLD instead.

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    hmmm I have at leat been using the CCknOpenFileDialog::RunSelectObjectDlgLD function succesfully. So are you sure you have included ckndlg.lib in your mmp file.


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    Yes I'm linking to ckndlg.lib. I would expect RunSelectObjectDlgLD to work, if you look at the header it's defined as mapping onto RunLD which is exported, instead of NewDialogsRunLD which isn't.

    Maybe that's my answer, I should be using RunSelectObjectDlgLD instead of RunSelectFileDlgLD

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    Re: Series90 CCknOpenFileDialog problem


    My libs are::

    LIBRARY euser.lib apparc.lib cone.lib eikcore.lib ckndlg.lib

    LIBRARY cknctl.lib ckndlg.lib eikcdlg.lib ezip.lib efsrv.lib

    i am using sdk 7.0s,win XP & VC6

    linking error ::

    PASSWORDDIALOGSAPP.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: static int __cdecl CCknGetPasswordDialog::RunImportDlgLD(unsigned short &)" (?RunImportDlgLD@CCknGetPasswordDialog@@SAHAAG@Z)

    plz help

    Thanks in advnce

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