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    timer for a phone profile

    Perhaps this idea could be built-in a future cellular phone: To implement a timer for a particular profile or tone.

    For example, today I was in a classroom and I selected the the "discreet" profile, but then I forgot to change back again to the standard profile and this afternoon I missed a lot of important calls.

    So I think it should be a nice feature for a future phone to select the discreet profile for just 2 hours (the length of the class) and then the phone will change automatically to the standard profile.
    Another possibility could be to select the time when the profile will be active or inactive. For example at 8:00PM use the Discreet profile, at 7:00AM use the standard profile, etc.

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    Such a feature is already available on many of the Nokia devices. E.g. http://www.nokiausa.com/phones/6230/...feat:1,00.html

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    Re: timer for a phone profile

    Yes, this timer profile feature is already existing on many models and it is very useful for me.

    However, unfortunately, I just found that there is no timer profile feature on my new Nokia 6120 classic

    Is this useful feature disappear on all S60 platform phones?

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    Re: timer for a phone profile


    Timing the profile feature is available on many devices today! Thats common!
    But i think that a location based profile swiching feature must be introduced in addition to the timmed profile feature.Here the phone automatically swaps profile according to the location.For eg when we are in class we have the discrete or the silent profile or else we can set the general profile at home.I have built one location based profile swapper application too in python! I hope the future phones have this feature incorporated.
    Pankaj Nathani

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