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    problems in nokia 7650 emulator

    I have had the following problems with the nokia 7650 emulator.
    I am developing a midp application for it and would like to know if there are solutions to these problems:
    1. the title of each screen. it displays "Avkon Release 41q" and i have not yet found a way to put my own title there. how is that possible?

    2. The option panel have default commands dependin on what class the displayable is implementing. How can i remove thos commands, since i have no use for them and they are not appropriate for what i am displaying?

    3. How can i display non-english characters?

    4. When using more than one choicegroup on the same displayable i am not able to get which ones of them are selected, likewise i am not able to display a specific choice as selected. How can i do that?

    5. when using itemstatelistener it does not detect when a choicegroup choice is selected. how can i make it work? (it works with the same code on nokia 6310 emulator)

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    RE: problems in nokia 7650 emulator


    These are some of the answers to your queries
    1.It doesn't seem to update the title properly, I am looking into this and will update you shortly.

    2.These commands can't be removed, they are always there.

    3.I wonder what characters you mean. e:g Chinese language needs the emulator of its own. Other "normal" characters can be shown by using Character class.

    4.What particularly do you want to achieve. Can you send the source code to demonstrate this? Is this problem occurring only with Series60 emulator??

    5.It is very difficult to comment anything without this information. Can you send me the code to debugg your problem.


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